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Language Courses

  • What is the age-range for participants?


We recommend our language courses for participants from age 18 and up. For participants between the ages of 14 and 17, we offer special student language trips that are designed specifically for this age group.


  • Are there complete beginner’s courses?


Of course! You can book a complete beginner’s language course with us. You will already be able to reach in two weeks a language level in which you will be able to make your way through everyday situations.


  • Which language will be spoken in the program?


German will be the main language spoken throughout the program. We do this for two reasons: First, being surrounded by the language, you will be able to successfully reach your language goals in the shortest time possible. Second, our language courses are made up of participants from all over the world. That means that course participants likely don’t have a common language in which to communicate and therefore are “forced” to speak to one another in the new language. All beginnings are hard, but our team is always there to support you! 


  • How many people take part in a course?


Courses are made up of 4-6 participants.


Organizational Matters


  • Which registrations deadlines/requirements do I have to abide by?


There are no registration deadlines or requirements asked for by I-LESS, however we highly recommend that you organize Visas and travel arrangements at least 3 months before the beginning of your course.


  • What are my transportation possibilities to and from the school?


You make the travel arrangements yourself which usually involve air travel. There are also possibilities with train/bus travel. We are also happy to help you find the right travel plans that best fit your schedule and location.



Accommodation, board, and free time


  • How will I be housed/accommodated throughout the duration of my program?


You will be housed in the student apartments inside of the school. Classes are held in the same building. 


  • Is it possible to book only a language course, or rather just accommodation?


Only complete programs (course, room, and board) are offered. Should you strongly prefer only one option, we are happy to work with you and find a solution.


  • Is the board (meals) included in the price?


Only breakfast is included in the program price. Lunch and dinner will have to be paid for separately and should be appropriately planned into a budget. 


  • Will leisure activities be organized?


Yes. We offer an elaborate Free-Time Program that fits seamlessly in the course work and is included in the program cost. 

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