Management Internship

I-LESS now offers an overseeing internship working with various industrial partners in town. With us, you not only have the opportunity to implement your acquired knowledge but also are able to see and experience the internal process of management within a company whilst developing your skills alongside.

Therefore, the goal of the project is to observe the planning of different managerial processes in order to decide for the owners of the companies which techniques are the most suitable for the most profitable and successful outcome.


From October 2012 until the beginning of April 2013, Students from the Philipps University Marburg will be completing a Practicum Module in the area of management. The Practicum was arranged with assistance from the industrial partner Ostendorf Holding.

The theme of the project was “The development of an incentive system in a family corporation”.


 The Students occupied themselves with the following:


-Structure and development of an incentive system
-Analysis of the balance and the financial figures of the corporation
-The planning and construction of a tax system for the bonus system
-Market research for the corporation’s development
-Preparation and presentation of end results


Throughout the program the students have utilized their distinguished capabilities and have made a contribution to a clearer representation of the optimized possibilities in an incentive system. After the successful completion of the practicum module the students will be given a certificate from our institution.

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